Propane by wholesale

Petroil LLC company provides it’s customers with high-quality economical fuel – liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Propane-butane is being sold in any quantities on terms of retail and wholesale supply in Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk region.

Our clients widely use liquefied hydrocarbon gases as fuel in the communal, household and industrial spheres. Propane, butane and their mixtures have found their use as motor fuel, as well as fuel for industrial and household devices: boilers, gas stoves, gas camping burners, gas generators, etc.

Nowadays, a high-quality ecological liquefied hydrocarbon gas with minimal impurities makes up a successful competition for many types of fuel, including gasoline. You do not need to organize gasline connections, so you don’t have to limit gas consumption, what gives you a reliable source of heat and energy. Propane-butane provides high-efficiency of water heating and gas heating systems, allowing to maintain constant pressure in individual gas supply systems.

Different brands of propane and butane, as well as their mixtures, are possible to be used in different climatic regions, both in winter and in summer. Uninterrupted delivery of high-quality liquefied gas is provided by many years of successful cooperation with reliable partners of oil products producers.

Propane-butane mixture is transported in liquefied form at a pressure of 16 atm. Transportation of propane and butane containers is associated with fire and explosion risks, as the gas from containers can form explosive mixtures with air.

At all stages of transportation of liquefied natural gas, Petroil’s specialists strictly follow the rules of transportation and safe operation of dangerous vessels, working under pressure. Filling gas tanks, storage tanks and standard metal containers with capacity of 5-50 liters with propane-butane requires a lot of experience, knowledge and skill. The level of training of our employees ensures safety of delivery and disposal of liquefied gases.
Propane-butane is being delivered at a convenient for customers time by modern, reliable and safe transport with experienced personnel. Our specialized gas vehicles are highly maneuverable and passable, that’s why propane is always delivered on time. Gas trucks with full pumping and control equipment can easily overcome a difficult road to gasholders and LPG tanks, installed in cottage settlements.

Working with Petroil company, you can be always confident, that you are purchasing high-quality products at an affordable price. The company’s business reputation is upheld by the consistently high-quality oil products, perfect service and the trust of our customers. Individual approach to every client, rational logistics solutions and prompt delivery of liquefied gas – all of this ensure stable operation of industrial, communal and household equipment.
Our company’s managers are always ready to accept an order for propane-butane, as well as to answer all questions about the terms of delivery and the cost of the fuel at any time of the day.