Industrial gases

Industrial gases have firmly entered many spheres of human life. It is hard to imagine industry and other spheres without their use. The chemical and physical properties of industrial gases greatly ease the processing of various materials, including metals, which are a protective and inert medium, which provides transportation and storage of different products. In addition, industrial gases are used in the chemical, medical and household industries.

Petroil LLC has been operating in the market of industrial gases in the Arkhangelsk region since 2000/ Over the years, company has proven it’s high competitiveness, using high-quality products and wide assortment to attract new customers. Also, a team of experienced workers will always help you with a piece of advice and perfect service. Petroil LLC is engaged in refueling, selling and delivering various types of industrial gases and their mixtures, running technical testing of vessels and extending their service period.

Petroil LLC is a supplier of various types of industrial gases, both for small and large companies in Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk region. We also deliver our products in the arctic ports of Sabetta, Yamal and Murmansk region. We offer our clients high-quality industrial gases, in particular: argon, carbon dioxid, helium, propane, acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen, welding mixture in any quantities with the possibility of delivering the order to the customer. We are always studying the needs of the modern market, so we can to complement the range of products and services. We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation and we highly value each customer.

We offer to all our clients:

  • Industrial gases;
  • High quality of products;
  • Individual approach to everyone;
  • High level of service;
  • High quality of filling and delivering gas cylinders.