Composite gas cylinders

Petroil company sells innovative gas-cylinders, made from high-quality composite materials. Composite gas cylinders are corrosion resistant, are absolutely safe to use and their transparency allows to monitor the fuel level.

Now a lot of everyday life problems of using gas are solved:

  • Safety of composite cylinders is obvious to everyone. They are made of polymer (fiberglass), this prevents them from exploding. This is something, that metal cylinders can’t provide.
  • Reliability – the composite cylinder is a modern product, it doesn’t rust, it doesn’t need to be painted and cleaned, it also has an excellent design. In addition, such cylinders always pass impact resistance tests, which are confirmed by all official government regulations. Each cylinder is pressurized and equipped with an overflow safety valve, which prevents leakage during the entire usage period. The survey is conducted by authorized and certified by Rostekhnadzor organizations. All notes and important information are stamped on the passport of each gas cylinder.
  • Low weight – composite cylinders are usually lighter than metal ones by 65-75%. This is important for women and old people, it is also being appreciated by healthy adult men, a light composite cylinder is much more comfortable to use.
  • An important detail in the usability is the ability to visually control the amount of fuel left because of the transparency of the cylinder. You do not to count or guess how much propane is still in the tank, you just need to look at it.

Specialists of Petroil company regularly improve their skills in different European countries, each employee has a lot of experience, so do not hesitate to ask questions about gas cylinders, you will surely get a comprehensive response of the competent specialist.