Petroil LLC is an autonomous gas supplier in Arkhangelsk.

The growth of individual constructing is often being constrained by the lack of sources of thermal energy in the development areas. The optimal solution for owners of suburban housing is an autonomous gas supply.

The cost of main gasline pipelaying is huge (not to mention the time the procedure of connection takes, also interruptions in the work of gas-handling facilities became more frequent). Electricity is an expensive heat source, and the capacity of suburban substations leaves much to be desired, the probability of connecting new objects to them is quite low. Prices for diesel fuel are not going to stop rising in the foreseeable future.

That’s why liquefied gas can become and economically justified alternative to traditional energy sources, because the price for it in Russia has practically reached the world standards, and even if the price will rise, it will be an insignificant change.

An autonomous gas supply from a technical point of view is very simple and reliable. The complex of equipment includes: a tank plant (1-3 tanks, depending on the planned consumption), a gas pipeline, which connects tanks and household gas equipment. Small (in comparison with the cost of land and constructing) costs of an autonomous gas supply allow you to get a decent life support system for your suburban house, because in that case you can not only heat the house, but you also get hot water and a gas stove.

All the devices, which are necessary for comfortable suburban housing, are working on liquefied gas. And if you use a gas generator (a power plant), you create an object, which is practically independent from the outside world. The technological scheme of supplying the LPG vapor phase to an individual residential building is designed with the strict observance of all sanitary and fire safety requirements.

The frequency of filling the underground reservoir with liquefied gas depends on schedule of staying in the house, on how heated the area is, and what sizes it has.